Barham Bells

The Bells of Barham
The current four bells of Barham Church hang in a medieval wooden frame, very near to the top of the tower. The oldest bell (Tenor) is listed and dates from 1587 and the three others date 1639, 1683 and 1702. The Tenor bell has a large chip missing from its lip and two of the other bells have possible cracks in them, which means they will sound out of tune. The wooden frame will not support the weight of the bells for much longer and the fittings are derelict.

The Proposal
Action is needed! Our plan is to restore and rehang the current four bells so that they might be heard once more across the village. These will hang further down the tower in a new steel frame. We hope to add two new bells (Trebles), cast especially for our church, to create a new ring of six. These will be rung from the ground floor of the tower (currently the main entrance), so people will be able to watch the bells being rung from outside the church. You’ll also be able to watch the bells being rung from inside the church via a TV screen. A new porch will be erected onto the hall and will act as the main entrance into church when the bells are ringing.
The cracked bells will need to be welded and the Tenor bell will need to be repaired. They will all then need to be retuned to create a lovely sounding peal of six.

What will it cost?
The total cost of the bell restoration will be in the region of £79,000. Amazingly, at this early stage in the project, we have already been promised the money for our two new bells in memory of loved ones and as a gift to the church! Donations for other fixtures and fittings, listed below, would be welcomed. Other fund-raising events will take place throughout the year.

When will all this happen?
The project is moving much faster than we hoped for. We hope to have the bells back in time for Christmas 2020, but it might happen quicker than that if fund raising goes to plan!

Item                           Cost

Bell Wheel                £700

Wooden Stay           £50

Headstock                £1,200-£1,500

Clapper                     £300-£400

Slider                         £60

Pulley and Boss       £275

Bell Rope                  £175

Frame Side               £1,500-£2,000

If you would like to donate towards the appeal, please send cheques made payable to ‘Claydon and Barham PCC’, clearly marking ‘Barham Bell Fund’ on the back.

To make a donation by BACS: Account No: 60201391, Sort Code: 20-44-51
Please clearly reference “Bell Fund”

For further information about the project, or to learn to ring the bells, please contact Paul Corbett, 01473 830201

For details on bell ringing at Barham Church please contact Paul Corbett on 01473 830201 or

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